Building owners and tenants, with the property owner’s approval, can apply for cash assistance if:

  1. The improvements are to a commercial building (industrial or office); and
  2. The applicant and building owners are in full compliance with City ordinances and regulations, including income and real estate tax obligations and building and zoning code regulations.

After an award is made, all build-out work must be completed according to the construction schedule submitted as part of the application.  In all cases, FACE-assisted construction must be completed within 24 months of making application.  All build-out work must be performed by licensed contractors which are bonded and insured for the project.  All project work must be in compliance with applicable City building permit processes and planning commission approvals.

Applications must demonstrate, via a bank’s letter of credit, loan commitment or personal financial statement, the ability of the applicant to complete the entire project as proposed and repay the loan portion of the cash assistance award. 

To receive funding or otherwise participate in the program, recipients cannot be in violation of any City rules, regulations or ordinances.  A project close-out occurs upon an awardee’s submittal of any Certificates of Occupancy issued regarding the project, paid invoices to the licensed contractors and/or suppliers, and the full repayment of the loan component.

 Eligible Improvement Costs

  • Exterior painting that incorporates a major visual change
  • Significant masonry cleaning and restoration modification (if part of an overall design restoration)
  • Addition of awnings or replacement of awnings with a updated design style that results in a major visual enhancement
  • Enhanced exterior building lighting that creates a noticeably enhanced appearance
  • Storefront entry systems and individual windows and door replacement or modification (if part of an overall design restoration)
  • New or restored façade elements such as: cornices, soffits, canopies, and other detail elements
  • Streetscape plantings, street furniture, new curbs and sidewalks, streetlights and related streetscape amenities
  • Demolition (if part of an overall design)
  • Signage, if new sign is in line with City overlay standards and/or old sign is significantly upgraded from existing old, out-of-date, substandard, or non-conforming signage
  • Stormwater improvements to parking lots

Ineligible Costs

  • Paying down on existing loans
  • Routine maintenance (including painting, general masonry upkeep, general window and door upkeep, and repair or replacement of current lighting or removing inoperable lighting fixtures)
  • Building Permit & Inspection Fees
  • Working capital
  • Security fencing or gates
  • Inventory
  • Roof repair or replacement
  • Awning repair or replacement if utilizing the same style of awning
  • Interior improvements of any kind

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For more information, contact Economic Development Manager David McCorkle by email or (614) 436-4518.