Worthington Community Improvement Corporation

Worthington Businesses

The Worthington Community Improvement Corporation (“WCIC”) is an Ohio non-profit corporation.  The purpose and mission of the WCIC is to serve the residents of the City in the revitalization and enhancement of property and the business environment within the City by advancing, encouraging and promoting industrial, commercial and civic development. It has received 501(c)3 designation by the Internal Revenue Service.

The WCIC has entered into an Economic Development Agency Agreement with the City whereby the WCIC acts as the agent of the City by engaging in activities to create or preserve jobs and employment opportunities and to improve the economic welfare of the people of Worthington and Ohio.  It has the authority to encourage and cause the maintenance, location, relocation, expansion, modernization and equipment of sites, buildings and structures.  Its activities are pursued with the intent to maintain and create additional opportunities for employment within the City in order that tax revenues may be available to provide services for the preservation of the public health, safety, and general welfare of the City.

The Board of the WCIC holds regular public meetings on a bimonthly basis on the second Friday of the odd numbered months of the year at 8:00 AM in the Louis J.R. Goorey Municipal Building, 6550 N. High Street, Worthington.  The Board is comprised of ten members, four of which are officials of the City of Worthington.

Board of Directors
Rebecca Princehorn, Chair/President
Scott Green, Vice Chair/Secretary
Scott Bartter, Treasurer
Matt Gregory
Rebecca Hermann
Kathy Holcombe
AJ Mangan
Bonnie Michael
Beth Sommer
Matt Welch