Application & Grant Payment Process

FACE assistance is appropriated by Worthington City Council as part of its annual budget process; in 2019, the program has been appropriated $75,000.

Building owners or tenants with the building owner’s approval, are to complete and submit the FACE Application Form, which must include digital photographs of the subject property as well as renderings or illustrations of the proposed improvements. The cost to prepare an application, if any, is solely the responsibility of the applicant.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact the City’s Economic Development Manager to discuss the project before submitting application materials. When contact is made, the Economic Development Manager will provide information regarding the program and will connect the potential applicant with the Neighborhood Design Center. The Neighborhood Design Center will provide design advice and assistance at no cost to the applicant. The Neighborhood Design Center is available to prepare renderings or illustrations of the proposed project and assist with other parts of the application.

City staff will review submitted FACE applications after the review deadlines listed in Section 1 and prepare them for the Worthington Community Improvement Corporation. The Worthington Community Improvement Corporation will prepare formal recommendations of funding for projects to City Council. Awardees should receive the approval of City Council prior to any construction commencing under their respective projects.

A one-time, up-front cash payment will be remitted upon City Council approval of the project and execution of an agreement between the City and the awardee detailing the terms and conditions of assistance.

For more information, contact Economic Development Manager David McCorkle by email or (614) 436-4518.