Selection Criteria

City staff will process each FACE application that has been submitted by the review deadline and prepare it for full review by the Worthington Community Improvement Corporation. Applications for assistance will be measured according to the following:

Current physical condition / exterior appearance

  • Prominence and visibility of site
  • Perceived age of facilities and lack of exterior upkeep
  • Extent to which current conditions are impacting surrounding properties

Project scope of work

  • Improvements will positively impact the site’s appearance along the corridor
  • Improvements are in line with design expectations and build quality typical for similar properties in Worthington
  • Scope of Work will result in impactful, lasting aesthetic benefit to the property and does not simply entail deferred maintenance
  • Extent to which the applicant demonstrates pre-planning via its Scope of Work
  • Estimated completion time of the project

Project viability and demonstrated ability to repay

  • Estimated total exterior project costs are reasonable and appropriate for the scope
  • Bids are in line with trade customs and comparable projects in the area
  • Applicant’s capabilities and capacity to successfully manage and complete the project
  • Site not marked by obvious significant obstacles to renovation
  • Applicant’s ability to repay the loan within three (3) years

Economic impact of application

  • Applicant is making an investment in the property that exceeds the 1:1 match requirement
  • FACE funding is critical to the advancement of the project
  • These improvements will help the applicant create jobs/payroll at the project site
  • The project, once completed, will assist in keeping commercial tenants and/or locating new tenants
  • The nature of the exterior improvement project likely will result in an increase in the value of the project site and surrounding properties
  • Applicant's described use of any FACE award provides optimal return-on-investment in improving exterior facade

Download Application (PDF)

For more information, contact Economic Development Manager David McCorkle by email or (614) 436-4518.